Pompadour- Key Hairstyle For Men & Women

Hairstyle named for Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), mistress of King Louis XV. In the 18th century, fashionable women adopted this hairstyle. In this the hair swept upwards from the face and worn high over forehead or can be up swept around the sides and back as well.

This haircut suits many face shapes and hair types and is lot more flexible than it would first imagine. This style is also popular with men of all ages as the result complements not only the personal style, but lifestyle and profession too.

Bekhams-side-slickThe Classic Pompadour :

For classic and refined cut, the back and sides need to be clippered, but it does not exposes too much of the scalp.

The edges should be tapered tight maintaining length throughout the haircut. Tapering around edges strengthens the overall shape of the pompadour, also makes facial hair appear thicker and bushier for men having rugged/masculine appeal.

The Modern/Extreme Pompadour :

The hair clippered really high into curve of the head, keeping more length through the top section. This can be worn by two ways, either connected into crown or completely disconnected, allowing the hair to hang.

It is important to choose right balance for shape of the face. For a round face the sides are taken tighter and allowing more volume on top will elongate the features. For a narrow face a little bit more length is kept through sides trying to keep the top slicker & closer to the head.

Men’s style :

The pompadour hair style has been adopted by American folk musicians, rock n roll bands, as well as actors. Among Italian Americans this style has become popular.

The pompadour often worn by gang members, thugs, members of the yakuza in modern Japanese culture. It is named by Regent hairstyle in Japan.

Women’s style :

In the first few years of the 21st century, the hairstyle has become marginally popular among women. Created by ratting at roots of the hair on the sides of the pompadour towards the top of the head. Combed up the hair and over the ratted hair, towards the center the sides pulled back.

The pompadour is slightly modified to form the Quiff in the Psycho billy subculture. Psycho billy fans and musicians (Kim Nekroman front man) worn the Quiff hairstyle. It is a mix between a Mohawk hairstyle & pompadour, side of head is shaved and the middle is slicked back and stood up like a pompadour.

Styling Tips :

For a nice crisp finish with shine, wet pomade is applied for medium shine & hold or stronger grooming/styling cream for stronger shine & hold to dried hair. Blow drying the hair create volume and then American Crew Boost Powder or L’Oreal Texture Dust sprinkled into root and massage well. To avoid greasiness of hair always use styling products in small amount first, add more if required.

It is a timeless and versatile hairstyle. It requires high maintenance; this is the main disadvantage of this type of haircut. Before getting the hairstyle always ask the stylist for advice.



Why Video Marketing Is So Important How To Do It

Importance of Video Marketing, and Ways of Doing It

Content marketing is the way to shine in online business, and consumers’ preference for content type is constantly changing over every quarter of a year. Right now, the video contents are much popular, and the GIFs follow by. But if you look at the 2014 and 2015 scenario, it appears that info graphic occupied a major portion of content marketing back in those days. Years have passed, networking across the world got better and people now have more capable handheld devices these days – naturally the website contents had to evolve themselves and now we have various forms of video marketing in the online business arena.

Videos Tells the Story Better

One of the most common FAQs about video content marketing: why is it required to move to videos, when a webmaster can produce image contents in easier manner and lesser time?


Well, the answer to that question is pretty straightforward. Videos, because they tell a story better. Any story better than a picture would ever tell! A video can literally speak zillions of words, when a picture is only worth a thousand words as the popular saying goes. Logically speaking, people are able to apprehend a story or review about a product or service through a video in much easier ways while pictures take slightly longer, and texts take like forever. An online engagement research company has verified that almost 90% of purchase decisions these days are influenced by online videos, and 75% of regular netizens videos about the job they do for better performance output.

Market Engagement Stat of Videos

A recent study conducted by Ascend2 and Demand Metric has found out that around 69% of 400 assessed companies have started developing video contents as a serious measure of content marketing over the past few months. Rest 31% are working actively on video creation as an effective policy change in content marketing. is a company that active provides market engagement service for YouTube videos, and according to the company stats the percentage of video using tendency has gone significantly higher in the past couple years.

Best way of Video Marketing

There are certain ways a website admin could choose to deliver their video contents to the consumer base, and the following bullets can sum up the story for you –

  • Don’t use AdSense on new videos. Google doesn’t expect to have lots of views and ads on a brand new video, and any unusual behavior could get the video banned.
  • If you buy views through a video marketer, don’t get all the views on a single day. Instead, increase the count gradually.
  • Automated viewers can trip the viewer count to a higher figure, but if YouTube senses that something’s not going right, your video falls in the suspicion list and there might be a temporary ban on your video marketing.


  • Only choose services that offer QoS guarantee. Handing over your company reputation to random companies could leave permanent dent on the goodwill.
  • Try to get video share, likes and comments in natural ways. You might use video marketers as a sideline option, but never allow it to become the main player.


Video market is the trickiest of all type of content marketing, and any wrong move can do major harms to a website’s reputation. However, with good help anyone’s videos can become successful contents in the cyberspace.